Cosmaline Turns Your Plastic Bottles into Plastic Pots

Cosmaline Turns Your Plastic Bottles into Plastic Pots

What better way to celebrate World Environment Day than to launch an initiative to reduce our plastics consumption by transforming them into long-lasting and sustainable receptacles of growth and much sunshine. If you haven’t guessed it already, Cosmaline’s initiative revolves around the idea of collecting plastic bottles and recycling them into flower or plant pots – ensuring that, along with our customers, we do our bit to create a greener and happier world.

Launched on June 5th of this year, the #CosmalineRecycles campaign makes available branded bins at major supermarkets across Lebanon whereby shoppers can drop in their empty Cosmaline or other plastic bottles. These, in turn, are collected, recycled and turned into plastic pots by a third party partner.

“We were looking for a recycling initiative that ticks many boxes. Gardening’s increasing popularity in Lebanon made us think: why not turn our plastics into something the nation as a whole can use?” said Ornella Naime, Junior Brand Manager, Cosmaline. “We all have a contribution to make in safeguarding the world we live in. Through this campaign we are achieving two main objectives: we are extending the plastics’ lifespans and a helping hand to Mother Nature,” she added.

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